Our hypnotherapists are fully-trained in the usage of Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as being fully-registered Clinical Psychologists that have strong Clinical Psychology training and knowledge over many different contexts.

Our lead practitioner, Mr. Richard Syrkiewicz, is a Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as being the Practice Principal & Owner of Hypnosis WA (The Hypnotherapy Centre of Western Australia) and is a clinically trained psychologist with Perth Counselling & Clinical Psychology (George Burns & Associates).

Richard has also been awarded a Master of Clinical Psychology with a thesis focusing on emotional turmoil and aspects of what it means to actually be alive. He also has two Honours Degrees, three Bachelors Degrees, and Graduate Diplomas.

Richard's hypnotherapeutic experience has been gained across many different settings, working with both adolescents and adults, and has focused on a wide-array of concerns people face.

Our Clinical Hypnotherapist-Clinical Psychologists offer expert advice and skills within a warm and supportive atmosphere using research-proven techniques, helping you to reach and maintain your own personal goals in an efficient and empowered way.

Within the initial consultation the goal is to better understand what has been in the way of your happiness goals, and we look at ways to promote the direction you choose harnessing the power of your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

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