Hello and welcome to our Hypnosis WA (The Hypnotherapy Centre of Western Australia) website. Our office is within the Inglewood/Mount Lawley central location on Beaufort Street (in-between 9th & 10th Avenue). We have been providing the highest quality of service in Perth for over 20-years (with prior locations within Subiaco & Duncraig).

Life can certainly be a challenge at times, and we all deserve to have happiness in our lives. Clinical Hypnotherapy, particularly Ericksonian Clinical Utilisational Hypnotherapy has a strong evidence-base within psychological research for helping people reach their goals in life, both to reduce obstacles in the way of happiness, and to promote principles of well-being.

Because we are all individuals, the process of Clinical Hypnotherapy advances individually based on your needs. The rumours of this technique being rapidly effective are actually quite true. In fact, properly utilized Clinical Hypnotherapy, is the most evidence-based psychotherapy that exists today. Our consultants were trained directly in the lineage handed down from a true master, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, being trained by Clinical Psychologist Professor George Burns of the Erickson Institute of W.A.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is both a stand-alone effective treatment, and a 'means of delivery' of other leading treatments within modern Clinical Psychology. It has one difference however, the person receiving such treatment doesn't have home-work to perform or much to consciously do at all, but simply has to turn-up and the rest, peacefully, is taken care of via the promotion of a very relaxed state of mind.

Our professionals hold memberships with leading Professional Societies (e.g., The American Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy [ASCH], The Australian Psychological Society [APS], The Australian Clinical Psychology Association [ACPA], The Australian Association of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy [AACBT], etc.).

If referred by your GP you can receive Medicare rebates, or alternatively you can use your own Health Fund rebates (based on the type of cover you hold). All Clinical Hypnotherapists within the Practice are also clinically trained Psychologists and have Medicare Provider Numbers (MPN's) as do other health providers (e.g., General Practitioners). We are regulated by The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA).

For our Clinical Hypnotherapy services, and other psychology services, we charge at least $70 less for our consultation fees than commonly charged elsewhere.

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Helpful applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy include:


  • Losing weight, and/or exercise motivation
  • Quitting-smoking, alcohol-moderation, and/or other substance-abuse concerns
  • Anxiety whether specific or generalized
  • Depression and other forms of mental fatigue
  • Sexual and other intimacy-based difficulties
  • Pain and trauma alleviation
  • Sleep onset and maintenance difficulties
  • Behavioural problems and impulse-control concerns
  • Navigating various life crises and stressful situations
  • Aspects of physical health-related concerns


... as well as enhancing your abilities to manage other difficulties in life that can certainly get in the way of the happiness we all deserve.

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